Latest Halloween Funny Sms Jokes 2014 : We wish you a vary happy Halloween day to the people around the world who celebrated this festival.Halloween is the one of the most funniest and craziest festival of all time, which people enjoy with great fun and happiness. Halloween always arrived on 31 Oct of each and every year. As we know that this festival is celebrated mostly on many country like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bangladesh,Canada,Colombia,Germany,Iceland,Lithuania,Latvia,Macedonia, Republic of Romania, United Kingdom and United Sated of America an so on. In this day is special and kind of very funny day, because they wear many different and crazy customs.But people go out and we do parties, doesn’t matter to any difference between our traditions or religion. In this day a lot of things happen and there are a lot of activities to do even if you are adult or kid.They believed that the night before October 31st, he called together wicked souls or evil spirits and believed that they would harm them if they didn’t please Samhain! I guess this all explains cats, witches, and ghosts on Halloween. People do parties with their friends and family and celebrated this festival Halloween. They wear various type of costume like supernatural figures such as monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. By this way we all celebrated this festival Halloween.Here we provide you the best and Latest Halloween Funny Sms Jokes 2014 so you can share this halloween funny sms jokes through various social media like facebook whatsapp hike google plus etc.