Halloween is not a kind of holiday when you can decorate anything on a fake tree to celebrate the day instead you have to do much struggle towards buying scary Halloween supplies and products in order to bring spooky feel in everything- from sofa to dining room to exterior of the home. There is no Halloween without goblins, pumpkins, and ghostly shadows, so you have got to prepare yourself as well as decorate your home for Halloween before you throw a party to loved ones and friends. There is a wealth of not so deadly and interesting Halloween decoration ideas 2014 for you that you would definitely help you to bring up more eerie feelings in the surroundings of home.

White Shadows and Dark Shadows

Just imagine how scary it feels when you see a shadow being cast on a wall of attic at a time when you are alone out there. The shadow is such dense that the ray of light does not pass through it, the first thought you get is that of a spirit that might want to get you know that you are not just on own. You can create the same scary effects in your home by preparing the white sheets, a lot of them, for making fake shadows everything.

Add white sheets to different areas of your home, especially near the entrance just in case you really want your friends to feel the scare right after entering the door. Pin white sheet to the front windows and open the windows a bit so that the fresh breeze can blow in the room, making the sheets to fly and rattle constantly. If you want real film-like-scary-shadows in your home, you have got to cut down on the use of lights, just turn out all of the tube lights and bulbs, let the spotlights from the outside to create a dramatic effect.

Often times the haunted houses are all covered with white sheets as if nobody has come to visit for years. Toss white sheets on all the stocks of furniture, over the table, chairs and over the closet to make a whitey surrounding, the sheets must be covering everything out there. Draped sheets would make your home perfectly scary, giving an impression that nobody has lived inside for a long time and it’s been vacant. How about throwing or spraying some splashes of blood drops all over the sheets just to make your friends think that something scary has happened in the place. Though you have not to disclose the origin of blood as it is Halloween, however you can concoct a story on your own like write a short history of the house on a message board, use evidence (fake ones) to support the hoax you are creating.

You can also make a fake blood trail that should start from the entrance and leads to the dining room or the room that is close to the entrance.

Go Shopping for Horror Supplies

If you are really eager to prove that your house is haunted and nobody lived there for years, the easiest way to add fear and fright out there is adding more items for Halloween Decorations 2014, go ahead to the store and buy yourself some scary props and use them in your house. For instance the paper pumpkins can be used for the windows and the crepe ghost mummy can be used as a hanging on the ceiling, it won’t take much time. Buy fake rubber hands, feet, meat, and cottony cobwebs, fake red color sprays and sugar skull and the like.

It would be easy to find fake horror creations and gory products such as mutilated limbs, fingers, torsos, axe (how about using to create a Lizzy Borden Took an Axe?), and knife with the blood on it. There are plenty of items that can incorporate with Halloween decoration ideas 2014. If you have a good budget, spend some money on buying a tombstone and use it later to create a fake graveyard in home.

Candles and More Candles for Adding Spooky Ambiance

Have you ever wondered as why centuries old house-hunting is presented with candle light effects? What’s the secret? There are two reasons for using candles in almost every haunted house film or presentation, the first reason is there was no electricity in 1900s and the second reason is more shadows are borne in the darkness when the candle light is on, the height and depth of the shadow is dependent on the angle from which the light is coming.

If you are really looking to create a perfect haunted house theme just because it’s the best you can as a part of Halloween decoration, keep in mind that candle pillars can make a big difference on how eerie your house looks. To add an authentic dark feel, select a large candelabra and put all the candles inside it, place the candelabra near the windows so everyone cross your threshold can see it.

As we know that candles can cast dense, dark shadows on the walls, there is a chance that you feel scared yourself after turning on the Halloween theme completely and that may happen just after your turning off the light so be ready mentally when you decorate your home for Halloween.

Decorate more Jack O’ Lanterns

How can we forget pumpkins on Halloween night? Pumpkins are important part of any Halloween decoration idea and it is indispensable to carve it before bringing it to home. People usually carve evil faces on the pumpkins, refrain from doing so if you have kids in home and never carve an evil sign such as Pentagon or up-side-down-cross; it may cause a big turmoil in real. The purpose of celebrating the Halloween is to have fun so you have got to be in limits, if you would cross the boundary you may end up confronting a real evil power in your life and it is not worth it. Do not temper with signs of Devil and witchcraft, just be rational.

You can decorate a few pumpkins for giving an autumnal effect to the house; today people are more creative in art so if you think you cannot carve anyone on your own hire an artist to do the job. Ask the artist to carve you a cat face, mask, skull or haunted house on the pumpkin, now add two candles inside the pumpkin and light them. The light will illuminate the design and it can be seen from any angle, even if someone is playing Trick n treat, they would be able to see the pumpkin from far away.

Steam and Chilling Icy Effects

The movie producers use machines to generate steam in the graveyards and in the most horrifying scene of gore and blood, you cannot buy one because it will be too expensive. You can instead use the icy power on the hot water in an insulated container to create the steam. The steam would rise instantly after pouring the icy power on the surface of hot water, so you have got do it only when the party is kicked off. The fog that will be created in the process of combing icing with the water would remain there for few minutes.

Jars of Gore and blood

Have you not ever adored the idea of using specimen of human beings in a jar full of chemicals? It sounds weird and impossible, no it is, the idea is plausible as long as you use fake limbs in a jar that has blood and water. Buy a couple of jars or used ones you already have in home, the empty Mayo or food jars would come handy. Now you need to make two jars murky, add water and some milk in them and put both on the shelf as if they have been sitting there for the past 300 years.

Get a photo of disoriented face from the internet and use the printer to make a print, or else buy a real photograph from the market. Fill a jar with water and now add the photo in the jar after cutting the edges, make sure to cut the photo up to the line of the face cut. The jar would give an effect of a human face/head sitting in the water, provided that you have followed the idea properly.

How about making a mad scientist laboratory? Buy some fingers, limbs and rubber hand, fill the jars with the water, use red color (like of blood) at the bottom of the jar, now add the human body parts. This would look so nasty that at one pointy your friend might believe that you have killed someone and are preserving their body parts.

Acoustic Horror Music

The demonic music must be played in the home to create the perfect horror theme on the Halloween night or day. You can scare the daylight of anyone who happens to come to meet you or to play trick n treat, the music should be creepy in the sense that it has unusual beats or music notes and it should be loud.

There are plenty of music themes for amateur such as zombie-like sounds, screams, door slamming and creeping, sounds of squeaky doors, sounds of ominous cats and wild animals, growls of cannibals and creatures that are not human, and sounds of heavy footsteps.

Give scares to others

On Halloween night, a lot of people would come to your home for playing trick and treat or giving you candy as souvenirs, you need to play your parts for fun and screams, for which you need to place bowls by the front gate or door. People would come to your home, so come out of doors instantly and put their hands in the bowl without taking their permission. Make sure to add eyeballs fake brain and fake blood in the bowl to scare the daylights out of people. And also keep towels around to clean the messy hands, offer one to the guests just in case they haven’t run away yet.