Neon alarm clock is alarm clock with simple design and smart functions. Intuitive controls makes clear and easy way to set your alarm. So wake up with Neon alarm!
Restriction of Free version
- cannot set a ring color and MP3 song as alarm sound
- Gentle only OFF or 5 min (more options in full)
- Free version have ads
- Support 12/24 hour format
- Flip to snooze - if you can snooze alarm just flip the phone
- Turn off by shaking - alarm can be turn off simply by shaking
- Modern wake up screen
- Support for system and custom MP3 sounds (in FULL)
- Gentle mode (volume increase to set max volume)
- Can be turned on / off vibration
- Set your own volume for every alarm
- Set to repeat on specific days of the week
- Set various color (in FULL)
- Show next alarm in locksreen (when supported from lockscreen)
- Alarm has no ads! (in FULL)

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